It’s probably true to say that progressive slots are the most popular type online regardless of who is behind them. This is due to the massive amounts of cash that can be won and that have been won by various individuals over the last few years. My particular favourite would have to be that of The Dark Knight slot, the most recent one from Microgaming to be released, not to be confused with the earlier Dark Knight Rises slot (which is also a very respectable slot in its own right).

It wasn’t so long ago that the biggest ever jackpot to be rewarded through a bingo site was won playing this very game and all from the lowest of stakes. The slot is a cinematic one meaning that it plays scenes from the film in the background with each spin and also has various features which will see the actual character of both Batman and The Joker drop onto the screen and award certain bonuses. I’ve had some real fun playing this slot and have always been hopeful of landing one of the progressive wins, unfortunately the only one I’ve managed to bank so far was the “minor” progressive which banked me a measly 10 quid. However, I have seen plenty of bigger wins, especially when feeling courageous and playing 3 pounds a spin, which isn’t for the faint hearted , especially if your bank balance isn’t that high to begin with!dark knight

The fun really comes from landing the 3 wild cards which will give you some free spins the, and often you’ll find that either Batman or The Joker will appear on screen to push up the amount of free spins or the multiplier. This is where you get a shot at winning some really big cash and apart from the rare occasion that the wheel spins for you to have a chance of winning one of the progressive jackpots it’s when the thrills really kick in and you begin to see just why the Dark Knight slot game is played by so many people.

Being a huge slots fan myself i have to say that this is no doubt one of my favourite slots to play at the moment and you can try it out at various slots, casino and bingo sites which all have a range of bonuses you can use. However, being a seasoned casino player i must say that I am simply not a fan of bonuses because of the inevitable wagering requirements that come with them, making it a real pain to actually have the money as withdrawable cash in your account balance. That being said it’s entirely up to you whether you want to take advantage of these bonuses or not, you can always try this casino which just doesn’t do bonuses and entirely for the reasons i stated above.

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