While it might sound strange to some, in Spain there is a window that allows companies to register to allow Spanish residents to play on their online gaming websites. While this means that those on the list were fine, those left off the list need to do without. This list re-opens periodically to allow new entrants to Spanish society, and those in better financial situations, to sign up and become eligible to showcase their services online again. The market is going to be under from the 1st November until the 8th December and it’s estimated that there could be as many as twelve new investors in the Spanish gaming scene.

Licensed vendors currently need to re-submit their application, as well, or risk being revoked. The Spanish market is one of the most difficult to get involved in for investors because they are very delicate about how comes in and out, because of the precious financial situation in the country. Therefore, many investors are turned off by the idea of investing in Spain – but more and more are beginning to come around to a new way of thinking.win

As the Spanish financial situations looks set to plateau for a while, many companies are looking to break into a market that could be on the verge of exploding once again. Although at one stage a thriving betting market, Spain today is far weaker than it was once due to the extensive regulations placed on big name bookies, which have since left.

With these new additions to regulation, though there may be a higher scope for the quality of bookmaker coming in – as well as the volume – to help boost the economy slightly and improve competition within the online gaming circuit for years to come in Spain.