The number of slot players who are based in Ireland that start to play online slot machines is growing all of the time, and the reason many players now want to get stuck into playing slot games at online casino sites is they are always going to be getting more value from their bankrolls!

Thanks to things such as slot game bonuses including both no deposit bonuses and deposit match bonuses, loyalty schemes and also slot games offering high payout percentages you are always going to get lots of value playing slot games online and a much increased chance of winning too.

However, not everyone is vastly experienced at playing slot games online or even in a land based casino and with that in mind please take a look through the following slot playing guide which will enlighten you as to the many different benefits you will have when you start to play slot games online.

Playing Online Slots

Whilst there are of course thousands of different online slots that out are going to be able to get stuck into playing at various different online casinos, you are always going to be best off choosing the slot machines to play which have the highest payout percentages.

With that at the forefront of your mind do please make sure that any slot game you do decide to play come with payout percentages that are set nice and high, and when playing slots online then look out for those that have payout percentage over 96% as they will offer you the best winning opportunities whenever you spin their reels!slots

There have been some huge slot jackpots won online over the years, and if it is a huge slot jackpot you are hoping to win then you will be best off looking around for progressive slot games to play.

Those types of slot games do come in lots of different shapes and forms and some of the very best ones you can play are those which offer players most than online live progressive jackpots and ideally play the slots on which the jackpots can and are randomly awarded no matter at what stake level you play them for.

You may be wondering how you can ensure that you are going to be playing fair and honest slot games or in fact any type of casino game in an online real money playing environment, and that is in fact a good question

Well, what we do know many players tend to do is to stick to playing at casinos powered by gaming software supplied by Ireland based companies as by doing so they will have peace of mind in known the games they are playing have been certified as 100% fair.

We often get asked by slot players which are the very best slot games to play which are designed as three reel classic slots, well you will have plenty of choice of those types of games but one slot games we think you will enjoy playing is the three reel Couch Potato slot.slots 777

The reason why that slot game is always worth playing if you want a basic slot to play is that it comes with just one payline, no bonus games but a payout percentage of a very high 97.40% and a 15,000 coin jackpot when played with three coins as the stake.

However, there are lots of other slot games which come with very high payout percentages and most online casinos sites now list every single one of their available slots on their website and alongside that slot listing they give the long term expected payout percentage the slot is designed to payout!

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