One of the most powerful aspects of online betting is the potential to do it from home – and it looks like the people of France are beginning to really enjoy this feature. In the third quarter of 2014 so far there has been a barely credible 94% rise in the gross profits of the online gaming section of the French economy. Constantly appearing as the good news on the French balance sheet, it’s a market that continues to grow and develop amongst a sea of floundering and failure elsewhere in the market.

The market shows that while payouts are down, playing is up – payouts went from 85% to 75.5% from 2013 to 2014, and this has really helped to establish the key growth in the online economy of France. It’s been shown that online poker has been the most powerful of the online services provided in France, with around €1.05bn being taken in to the economy. While gross profits had fallen 2%, entry fees were up 1%. So, there’s a lot of balancing to be done on the French side of the market at the moment.france

The drop was far more pronounced, however, than the figures of offline gaming. Stakes had dropped 14% in offline poker, while stakes in other offline gambling like horse racing had fallen by 7% – recent reports seem to show that the appetite for online gaming is beginning to replace the previous appetite found within France for offline gaming and more traditional, community locations.

Signs point to a revolution in the way that online gaming works in France due to the increasing popularity, and the fact that it is one of the new positive statistics on the balance sheet at the moment. This gives online gaming a much greater purpose and stance than it would have had within French financial circles even a decade ago.

As most of Europe rings the slots from the comfort of their own homes, France is catching on –the effects it could have on their economy for the long-term are only going to be positive.