With the uptake on online gaming being quite slow around the world – with far less nations than you would expect partaking in the legalization of such a system – it’s quite heartening to see nations considering expanding their horizons a little.

The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp, who oversee this type of decision in Canada, have been surveying people for quite some time about the potential for an online gaming site. The response has been fairly positive, too, as Canada looks to make the move into more expansive online gaming ideas.

Because many people from Ontario already gamble online – with it being estimated that $400m leaves the country every year through people using “banned” online gaming sites – it looks to be a no-brainer that they would commission the development of more online platforms of their own.olg logo

British Colombia was the first part of Canada to open up a legal online gaming website, when it opened its first online casino in 2010. However, at the moment online gaming only makes up $18m of the BC income from gambling. Therefore, there’s a lot of work still to be done in the near future by the OLG to try and ensure they see a greater variety in their profits, and that growth is handled properly.

One of the main reasons for the shift in philosophy has been to try and provide Ontario with an alternative option to existing websites that aren’t as secure for Canadians to use. By having a domestic option that comes with deep age verification tools, the safety and effectiveness of the owner of the account can be secured.

This has long been a key issue in the fight to stop legalization of using online gaming, because of the potential for youngsters to use their parents cards online. However, OLG have confirmed they have an in-depth system in place to combat this and ensure that client safety and protection is always at the very forefront of the new business that is starting

Although no opening date is yet known, PlayOLG is to be anticipated by many Ontarians.