Recently, we spoke about the massive rise in interest between e-sports and the betting market. Well, how would you like to master that market proficiently? While a decade ago you would have been called a social trogylodyte for staying in and playing computer games, today it’s seen as a cool and respectable career path!

People out there are making professional money from playing video games, and now you can be shown how to make money from their skills!

Take the example of Youngbin Chung, who managed to turn his life around with the same thing that he messed it up with in the first place. A game called League of Legends, and incredible addictive video game, was his savior. Today, he gets paid money to go on a scholarship an play this game!scholarships

This sounds just about perfect, right? Get paid money to play games all day?

Betting Scholarships

Well, a similar scholarship exists – to teach you e-sports betting techniques! This helps you find information on how to understand the best gamers and how to read the market to gauge your odds. E-sports still has fairly obvious skill gaps between competitors to it’s an easier environment to learn the right style and combinations for who will win what round.

So, if you want to learn how to take your e-sports betting further why not take these online scholarships? They are provided by a variety of third parties who are helping people cash in on a vibrant and really exciting market that really is hard to match or understand for those without the knowledge – leaving you with a fine little gap to really dominate for yourself.

The world of e-sports is changing all the time, and if somebody can today get paid for being a gamer surely you can cash in on their success with some well-placed bets on the big tournaments.

With seven figure sums being thrown around at these events as prize money, the incentive is there to bet and get yourself a cut of the pie from the high-stakes action that will be taking place on the screen!