While for years the sportsbetting industry has been a closed shop for newcomers to becoming part of the world, the rise of electronic sports – or e-sports – has helped put paid to this. Today, people are betting on e-sports from all across the world. Whether it’s a FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer tournament or a Starcraft II battle-off three are thousands of people willing to stick money on the winner of a virtual game of their choice.

Many online betting sites are now providing access to e-sports betting, which allows you to bet on your favorite gamer in the biggest competitions with fully verified odds and a legitimate, professional approach to your gambling. Using popular bookies Pinnacle as a starting point, they have received more than 350,000 bets in 2014 for e-sports, making it the eight most popular markets to get into. For a market that you may not even have heard of until now, that’s quite impressive!

Pinnacle has been giving out e-sports betting since 2011 and found that the appetite for betting is only getting bigger, with their volume doubling every year since they started. They have even brought in a team of trading experts who can review the markets and create legit odds for these events! This is the pinnacle of sports and e-sports merging into one. How long until we see a full-time wage for an e-athlete?pro evo football

Other systems like Datbet also offer the same system, but Pinnacle is the biggest name in the e-sports betting franchise at the moment. You’ll find the most professional odds there and the most legitimate opinion, so if you are looking to get started on the wonderful world of e-sports this might be the place to get yourself started. They cover e-sports like League of Legends and some of the prizes can become as much as $1m.

Rooney might still be a bit further ahead in the wages stakes, but it’s got a start for a budding little sports empire that is beginning to really turn the heads of the bigger, more commercial bookies with real clout.