Microgaming Progressive Winners

Beginner online slot players are usually told not to play progressive jackpot online slots because you’re basically losing money for a 1 in 50.000.000 chance of winning and that they’d probably have much better odds of winning the lottery. Still, even if the chances are incredibly slim you might just be the luckiest player in the world and your whole life could change in a matter of seconds on a single spin. Everyone’s heard of Microgaming, of their online slot games and of the impressive progressive jackpots they offer. Below you’ll find the stories of some of the winners and a little bit about the online slots that made them millionaires.

Through time Microgaming has give more than 487 million to players all over the world so there’s no wonder why they’re so famous and why so many players choose to try their luck on their progressive jackpot slot games.

Mega Moolah might just be the most popular of their games. This online slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines and you can play it for as little as 0.01 euros a line. Mega Moolah has a progressive jackpot that comes up at random while you play and you can win it by spinning a wheel. There is a four ties structure on the 20 stop jackpot wheel of the Mega Moolah progressive slot and you can win either the Mini, the Minor, the Major or the Mega. The Mini starts at 10.00, the Minor at 100.00, the Major at 10000.00 and the Mega deals in millions.

Major Millions is another very famous progressive jackpot slot in which you can bet as little as 0.20 euros on any of the 15 paylines, but you’ll have to go for the max bet if you want a chance at the progressive. The game has a military theme with tanks and planes. The highest amount that has ever  been won on Major Millions is of 1.8 million euros, but it usually pays out at about half a million.

Treasure Nile is very popular among Microgaming fans because the 5 reels and 9 paylines slot has an Ancient Egypt theme. You can win the progressive by getting five pharaoh symbols on the 9th line of this game.  The average jackpot of this game is just under 100.000 euros and the biggest amount ever won is of 360.000 euros. An interesting fact is that the jackpot is won at an average of 20 days which is very often.

Tunzamunni is the first nickel progressive jackpot slot by Microgaming and it has a tribal theme. In order to win the progressive jackpot of this three reel and 1 payline online slot you have to get a white 7, a red 7 and a blue 7 in this particular order. The jackpot is won, on average, after 200 days is about 55.000 euros. The biggest win was of 75.000 euros and it was awarded on a 0.25 euros bet.

We are in the middle of progressive jackpot history! Microgaming’s Mega Moolah broke the world record in October 2015. A UK player won a whopping 13.2 million pounds (which at the exchange rate of that day is equal to 17,879,645.12 euros). Jonathon Heywood, a 26 year old soldier just couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the number appear on his screen, especially since he had only bet 25 pence on that spin. Can you imagine winning so much money? What would you do with it?mega moolah lion

Microgaming’s Dark Knight is one of the most famous online slot games right now because of its graphics and the theme, of course. But that’s not all it has to offer and it proved it when Mr. John Orchard managed to win 5.8 million pounds playing this online slot. He used to work at a Job Center, but he obviously quit his job after he won. Wouldn’t you?

The African Safari themed Mega Moolah online slot paid the biggest prizes all through the years and changed a lot of lives. There are plenty of examples of big winners through the years, like Georgios from Greece who won 6.3 million euros or Klaus from Finland who scored 5.5 million dollars.

One of the most shocking wins, still while playing Mega Moolah, is that of Mark from Canada who had registered into the casino just a week before. In April 2015 he managed to win 7.5 million Canadian dollars (which was the equivalent of 7,131,054 euros). He did this on his mobile device and proved just how important these devices how become even in the online gambling world.

These people give us hope that maybe one day we too could win life-changing sums of money by spinning for almost nothing on a progressive jackpot slot. The odds may be super-super incredibly slim, but, hey, someone’s gotta win it, right?

EU Sues Sweden for Online Laws


The European Commission have laid down a serious marker to any country looking to mess with gambling laws, after filing a lawsuit against Sweden on Thursday because they failed to change it’s laws on gaming that conflict with EU laws on freedom of movement for services. Sweden restricts state-held operations and domestically based operations to work within the country only, making it much harder for the market to become flooded and/or monopolized.

The case itself revolves around the way that Sweden deals with online betting and online poker games specifically. It grants licenses to state-owned or domestic operators, and this means that no foreign owned investment can come into the Swedish gambling scene. While some forms of gambling are allowed to be restricted to minimize the risk of addiction or financial disrepair for citizens, the EU Commission has deemed the Swedish measures to be too harsh.

They also claim that due to a lack of supervision from commercial authorities, there isn’t enough evidence made on the part of Sweden to set up in this fashion. This has been a long-standing battle since 2010, when Sweden first produced the introduction to these new laws within the country. It has created much friction and problems ever since, and was brought in to try and help Sweden to break the monopoly across a variety of the European gaming markets, Sweden included.

These problems look like remaining for some time in the near future, as there has been no indication from the EU Commission that they would consider altering their stance to tighten restrictions against the regular usage of online gaming software. Instead, a long battle between the Swedish and the EU looks set to place for many more years to come.

This causes significant problems for the EU as it looks to try and make a reasoned case with other nations about trying to carry out a similar objective, albeit in a different manner, meaning this may stand to create problems between the EU Commission and various gaming authorities across Europe.

Online Betting Explodes in France


One of the most powerful aspects of online betting is the potential to do it from home – and it looks like the people of France are beginning to really enjoy this feature. In the third quarter of 2014 so far there has been a barely credible 94% rise in the gross profits of the online gaming section of the French economy. Constantly appearing as the good news on the French balance sheet, it’s a market that continues to grow and develop amongst a sea of floundering and failure elsewhere in the market.

The market shows that while payouts are down, playing is up – payouts went from 85% to 75.5% from 2013 to 2014, and this has really helped to establish the key growth in the online economy of France. It’s been shown that online poker has been the most powerful of the online services provided in France, with around €1.05bn being taken in to the economy. While gross profits had fallen 2%, entry fees were up 1%. So, there’s a lot of balancing to be done on the French side of the market at the moment.france

The drop was far more pronounced, however, than the figures of offline gaming. Stakes had dropped 14% in offline poker, while stakes in other offline gambling like horse racing had fallen by 7% – recent reports seem to show that the appetite for online gaming is beginning to replace the previous appetite found within France for offline gaming and more traditional, community locations.

Signs point to a revolution in the way that online gaming works in France due to the increasing popularity, and the fact that it is one of the new positive statistics on the balance sheet at the moment. This gives online gaming a much greater purpose and stance than it would have had within French financial circles even a decade ago.

As most of Europe rings the slots from the comfort of their own homes, France is catching on –the effects it could have on their economy for the long-term are only going to be positive.

E-Sports Scholarships

Recently, we spoke about the massive rise in interest between e-sports and the betting market. Well, how would you like to master that market proficiently? While a decade ago you would have been called a social trogylodyte for staying in and playing computer games, today it’s seen as a cool and respectable career path!

People out there are making professional money from playing video games, and now you can be shown how to make money from their skills!

Take the example of Youngbin Chung, who managed to turn his life around with the same thing that he messed it up with in the first place. A game called League of Legends, and incredible addictive video game, was his savior. Today, he gets paid money to go on a scholarship an play this game!scholarships

This sounds just about perfect, right? Get paid money to play games all day?

Betting Scholarships

Well, a similar scholarship exists – to teach you e-sports betting techniques! This helps you find information on how to understand the best gamers and how to read the market to gauge your odds. E-sports still has fairly obvious skill gaps between competitors to it’s an easier environment to learn the right style and combinations for who will win what round.

So, if you want to learn how to take your e-sports betting further why not take these online scholarships? They are provided by a variety of third parties who are helping people cash in on a vibrant and really exciting market that really is hard to match or understand for those without the knowledge – leaving you with a fine little gap to really dominate for yourself.

The world of e-sports is changing all the time, and if somebody can today get paid for being a gamer surely you can cash in on their success with some well-placed bets on the big tournaments.

With seven figure sums being thrown around at these events as prize money, the incentive is there to bet and get yourself a cut of the pie from the high-stakes action that will be taking place on the screen!

E-Sports On The Rise

e sports

While for years the sportsbetting industry has been a closed shop for newcomers to becoming part of the world, the rise of electronic sports – or e-sports – has helped put paid to this. Today, people are betting on e-sports from all across the world. Whether it’s a FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer tournament or a Starcraft II battle-off three are thousands of people willing to stick money on the winner of a virtual game of their choice.

Many online betting sites are now providing access to e-sports betting, which allows you to bet on your favorite gamer in the biggest competitions with fully verified odds and a legitimate, professional approach to your gambling. Using popular bookies Pinnacle as a starting point, they have received more than 350,000 bets in 2014 for e-sports, making it the eight most popular markets to get into. For a market that you may not even have heard of until now, that’s quite impressive!

Pinnacle has been giving out e-sports betting since 2011 and found that the appetite for betting is only getting bigger, with their volume doubling every year since they started. They have even brought in a team of trading experts who can review the markets and create legit odds for these events! This is the pinnacle of sports and e-sports merging into one. How long until we see a full-time wage for an e-athlete?pro evo football

Other systems like Datbet also offer the same system, but Pinnacle is the biggest name in the e-sports betting franchise at the moment. You’ll find the most professional odds there and the most legitimate opinion, so if you are looking to get started on the wonderful world of e-sports this might be the place to get yourself started. They cover e-sports like League of Legends and some of the prizes can become as much as $1m.

Rooney might still be a bit further ahead in the wages stakes, but it’s got a start for a budding little sports empire that is beginning to really turn the heads of the bigger, more commercial bookies with real clout.

OLG Considering New Launch

olg logo

With the uptake on online gaming being quite slow around the world – with far less nations than you would expect partaking in the legalization of such a system – it’s quite heartening to see nations considering expanding their horizons a little.

The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp, who oversee this type of decision in Canada, have been surveying people for quite some time about the potential for an online gaming site. The response has been fairly positive, too, as Canada looks to make the move into more expansive online gaming ideas.

Because many people from Ontario already gamble online – with it being estimated that $400m leaves the country every year through people using “banned” online gaming sites – it looks to be a no-brainer that they would commission the development of more online platforms of their own.olg logo

British Colombia was the first part of Canada to open up a legal online gaming website, when it opened its first online casino in 2010. However, at the moment online gaming only makes up $18m of the BC income from gambling. Therefore, there’s a lot of work still to be done in the near future by the OLG to try and ensure they see a greater variety in their profits, and that growth is handled properly.

One of the main reasons for the shift in philosophy has been to try and provide Ontario with an alternative option to existing websites that aren’t as secure for Canadians to use. By having a domestic option that comes with deep age verification tools, the safety and effectiveness of the owner of the account can be secured.

This has long been a key issue in the fight to stop legalization of using online gaming, because of the potential for youngsters to use their parents cards online. However, OLG have confirmed they have an in-depth system in place to combat this and ensure that client safety and protection is always at the very forefront of the new business that is starting

Although no opening date is yet known, PlayOLG is to be anticipated by many Ontarians.

Spain Re-Opens Online Gaming Window


While it might sound strange to some, in Spain there is a window that allows companies to register to allow Spanish residents to play on their online gaming websites. While this means that those on the list were fine, those left off the list need to do without. This list re-opens periodically to allow new entrants to Spanish society, and those in better financial situations, to sign up and become eligible to showcase their services online again. The market is going to be under from the 1st November until the 8th December and it’s estimated that there could be as many as twelve new investors in the Spanish gaming scene.

Licensed vendors currently need to re-submit their application, as well, or risk being revoked. The Spanish market is one of the most difficult to get involved in for investors because they are very delicate about how comes in and out, because of the precious financial situation in the country. Therefore, many investors are turned off by the idea of investing in Spain – but more and more are beginning to come around to a new way of thinking.win

As the Spanish financial situations looks set to plateau for a while, many companies are looking to break into a market that could be on the verge of exploding once again. Although at one stage a thriving betting market, Spain today is far weaker than it was once due to the extensive regulations placed on big name bookies, which have since left.

With these new additions to regulation, though there may be a higher scope for the quality of bookmaker coming in – as well as the volume – to help boost the economy slightly and improve competition within the online gaming circuit for years to come in Spain.

The Australian Betting Boom


In 2009, Australia finally opened its doors to the betting market once again. It allows the introduction of foreign competitors for domestic bookies and betting industries, and this creates a massive shockwave throughout the whole of the betting world in Australia. Within a short space of time, controversial bookies Paddy Power had got involved with Sportsbet and were quickly in the front door. Ladbrokes bought up BetStar and Gaming Investments, and instantly the market had some genuine foreign competition for the first time.

Today, the market is overwhelmed by foreign investors looking to cash in on the Australians who have a strong love for gaming – especially online. William Hill, for example, picked up three companies within a short space of time, and were shortly followed by Bet365 and their audacious Samuel L Jackson advert. Next on the line was Swedish outfit Unibet, and today you have a market that is overwhelmed by selection and style.australia_map

However, the Australian betting boom is no surprise – as the country with the highest annual gambling losses in the world, with around $1,037 per resident of the country. This is a country that loves to bet and take a chance, and you can see that in the way that the market has reacted to being opened up to foreign investment.

With such a country that is always prepared to put its hand in its pocket for a thrill and the potential for big winnings, there can be little surprise that the Australian market has been capitalized on so ruthlessly since it first opened its doors.

With just about every betting company in the country doing well at the moment with the majority running on operating profits, it’s safe to say that the average gaming losses won’t be going down any time soon in Australia! Paddy Power have been arguably the biggest winners, with some massive investments coming from their end of the market to try and make sure they capture it for the foreseeable future.

It looks like the future of gaming in Australia is only going to grow.

Malaysia Takes A Look At Gaming Laws

gaming laws

Many countries across the globe are beginning to take a firmer and more professional look into their online gaming laws, and how they can be adjusted to provide a fairer reflection of the sport itself. Malaysia is the next country in a long list to do so, and have started to put together a new format that could, in the future, lead to a new era of online gambling and betting within the country.

Malaysia is rife with illegal gambling problems and a lack of leadership from the Common Gaming House & Betting Acts commission has not been sufficient to help protect those who play online at the moment. Illegal gambling centers have been broken down with regularity across the country n 2014 as it looks to crack down on the amount of people who are gambling within the nation through illegal channels.

gaming laws

However, because current regulation does not cover online gambling, many people are using a loophole in the market to enjoy a spot of gambling without breaking any rules. At the moment, a large section of gambling options are perfectly legal but many illegal methods are still practiced, causing a significant amount of friction between the authorities and gambling commissions.

Sport betting is banned in just about every form other than horse racing, and this is where the vast majority of gambling fraud takes place – as well as black market gambling activities.

Hopefully, a more balanced solution can be found quickly.