Playing Online Slots in Ireland

The number of slot players who are based in Ireland that start to play online slot machines is growing all of the time, and the reason many players now want to get stuck into playing slot games at online casino sites is they are always going to be getting more value from their bankrolls!

Thanks to things such as slot game bonuses including both no deposit bonuses and deposit match bonuses, loyalty schemes and also slot games offering high payout percentages you are always going to get lots of value playing slot games online and a much increased chance of winning too.

However, not everyone is vastly experienced at playing slot games online or even in a land based casino and with that in mind please take a look through the following slot playing guide which will enlighten you as to the many different benefits you will have when you start to play slot games online.

Playing Online Slots

Whilst there are of course thousands of different online slots that out are going to be able to get stuck into playing at various different online casinos, you are always going to be best off choosing the slot machines to play which have the highest payout percentages.

With that at the forefront of your mind do please make sure that any slot game you do decide to play come with payout percentages that are set nice and high, and when playing slots online then look out for those that have payout percentage over 96% as they will offer you the best winning opportunities whenever you spin their reels!slots

There have been some huge slot jackpots won online over the years, and if it is a huge slot jackpot you are hoping to win then you will be best off looking around for progressive slot games to play.

Those types of slot games do come in lots of different shapes and forms and some of the very best ones you can play are those which offer players most than online live progressive jackpots and ideally play the slots on which the jackpots can and are randomly awarded no matter at what stake level you play them for.

You may be wondering how you can ensure that you are going to be playing fair and honest slot games or in fact any type of casino game in an online real money playing environment, and that is in fact a good question

Well, what we do know many players tend to do is to stick to playing at casinos powered by gaming software supplied by Ireland based companies as by doing so they will have peace of mind in known the games they are playing have been certified as 100% fair.

We often get asked by slot players which are the very best slot games to play which are designed as three reel classic slots, well you will have plenty of choice of those types of games but one slot games we think you will enjoy playing is the three reel Couch Potato slot.slots 777

The reason why that slot game is always worth playing if you want a basic slot to play is that it comes with just one payline, no bonus games but a payout percentage of a very high 97.40% and a 15,000 coin jackpot when played with three coins as the stake.

However, there are lots of other slot games which come with very high payout percentages and most online casinos sites now list every single one of their available slots on their website and alongside that slot listing they give the long term expected payout percentage the slot is designed to payout!

Make Money With Free Spins


Making money by playing online casino games is an appealing thing for thousands of players which is why online casinos are is successful when they offer no deposit bonuses like free spins. With this bonus, like the ones found at, players have no initial cost. They can simply create a casino account, choose a username and password and be granted free spins that can be played on some of the most popular titles in the entire online gambling industry. This type of bonus is one of the most successful marketing tactics used by an online casino and year after year, it gets new players to sign up and eventually create a real money account.

While free spins are not entirely free, they can be very beneficial and have the ability to generate amazing payouts. There are some games that are played online that have super high payout rates that have been verified, and in many cases, the free spins that are offered as a no deposit bonus can be used on these games, resulting in massive wins. Unfortunately, there are always restrictions, which include not being able to use free spins on progressive slots and having a maximum cash out value when they are used on other game titles. Nonetheless, it is quite possible to make money with free spins from an online casino and with no initial risk, there is very little that is more appealing to a new player.

Generating Great Wins

In order to win, players have to play. When a newer online casino is trying to increase traffic and get new players to join, they will often provide the chance to redeem a bonus that offers anywhere from 10 to over 100 free spins. These free spins will not cost players anything up front and they can result in some attractive payouts. Most of the games that are selected for free spin offers are low variance slots, which means that players will enjoy frequent wins, but they will be for small amounts. This is one way for the casino to limit their own risks and not have to pay out too much to players who are successful when they make use of their free spins.

To make sure that players have the best chances at winning, it is best to preview the games that are eligible for the free play bonus. Many online casinos will pick a certain game and players cannot use their no deposit free spins on any game other than this title. However, there are other sites, especially those that are powered by NetEnt that will allow players to choose from four or five different games. netentThe key to generating winnings with free spins is to choose games that have decent base game payouts, multiple bonus features and the most paylines. Games that have higher number of paylines will offer more chances at creating winning combinations and since players are not paying for the free spins at first, they will benefit from playing any video slot with a high number of paylines.

Cashing Out Free Spin Bonuses

When wins are generated from these bonuses, players will not just have the ability to take their winnings and walk away. This is where the casino gets players to commit. To withdraw those winnings that are generated, wagering requirements must be met. Choosing a bonus that has the lowest wagering requirement will help players retain more of their winnings instead of sinking it all back into the casino.

It is important to take great caution when redeeming bonuses since each will have different wagering requirements in pace. These bonuses may also have a maximum value that can be won. If the bonus is only worth a maximum of £100 and players have to wager more than that to complete the offer, it is obviously not a good decision. However, if players can cash out as much as £500 and they only have to spend around £100, there is the chance to enjoy a £400 profit, allowing players to make money from these free spins.

The Dark Knight Slot Review


It’s probably true to say that progressive slots are the most popular type online regardless of who is behind them. This is due to the massive amounts of cash that can be won and that have been won by various individuals over the last few years. My particular favourite would have to be that of The Dark Knight slot, the most recent one from Microgaming to be released, not to be confused with the earlier Dark Knight Rises slot (which is also a very respectable slot in its own right).

It wasn’t so long ago that the biggest ever jackpot to be rewarded through a bingo site was won playing this very game and all from the lowest of stakes. The slot is a cinematic one meaning that it plays scenes from the film in the background with each spin and also has various features which will see the actual character of both Batman and The Joker drop onto the screen and award certain bonuses. I’ve had some real fun playing this slot and have always been hopeful of landing one of the progressive wins, unfortunately the only one I’ve managed to bank so far was the “minor” progressive which banked me a measly 10 quid. However, I have seen plenty of bigger wins, especially when feeling courageous and playing 3 pounds a spin, which isn’t for the faint hearted , especially if your bank balance isn’t that high to begin with!dark knight

The fun really comes from landing the 3 wild cards which will give you some free spins the, and often you’ll find that either Batman or The Joker will appear on screen to push up the amount of free spins or the multiplier. This is where you get a shot at winning some really big cash and apart from the rare occasion that the wheel spins for you to have a chance of winning one of the progressive jackpots it’s when the thrills really kick in and you begin to see just why the Dark Knight slot game is played by so many people.

Being a huge slots fan myself i have to say that this is no doubt one of my favourite slots to play at the moment and you can try it out at various slots, casino and bingo sites which all have a range of bonuses you can use. However, being a seasoned casino player i must say that I am simply not a fan of bonuses because of the inevitable wagering requirements that come with them, making it a real pain to actually have the money as withdrawable cash in your account balance. That being said it’s entirely up to you whether you want to take advantage of these bonuses or not, you can always try this casino which just doesn’t do bonuses and entirely for the reasons i stated above.

An Overview of Houdini Slot

houdini slot

Fans of magic will enjoy the Houdini slot machine from Gamesys, a nice looking game that offers them a decent range of features, big payouts and pretty graphics that will make it a pleasure to play. The game has the standard number of 5 reels, with the number of lines being just as common at 25. Once inside, the player can enjoy various bonus rounds, scatter symbols and even wild icons. The payouts go as high as 10,000 coins, a decent amount when you consider the use of only one coin per line.


The game has standard betting requirements, where it allows the player to select how many paylines he wants to work with, the number of coins being identical since only one can be used for each active line. The coin denomination range is big enough to allow a very wide range of budgets to work with this game. Someone just looking to have some fun can use $0.01 coins for each line, so a wager of $0.25 would cover all of them. They can also go considerably higher though, with the maximum allowed being $8 per coin ($200 maximum wager in the game).

houdini slot

The top payout offered inside is impressive, a 10,000x multiple of the line bet that gives the player up to $80,000 (with $8 coins used). The second best payout offered is a 1000x multiple of the line wager.


The Houdini character serves in the role of the wild in this slot, so you will find that it can replace other icons in paying combinations, if it helps them get to the minimum number of three consecutive symbols. The game’s top payout is offered when the player has a full active line covered with wild icons, five of them total. The second best payout is offered by the same symbol when there are only four of them on the line.


Three types of scatter symbols exist as well. The locked chest scatter symbol is the first one and it has to appear a minimum of three times on the reels, in order to give the player access to a bonus round. During its bonus round, you will find yourself on a screen where there are three locked chests that have to be opened. The player opens them up and releases Houdini and some friends of his, finding out in the process how much he’s won.


The balloon icon is a bonus symbol, which will trigger a fun little bonus round. During this feature round, the player has to throw knifes at various balloons, trying to pop them. The idea here is to pop only the red balloons, while avoiding the monkey that sits in the middle. Each balloon that is popped comes with its own payout. The bonus game can end in one of two ways. You can either get a Collect message, or the game will end once you get 16 balloons to pop.


The third and final feature would be the bonus game that allows you to help Houdini escape. You will get the triggering escape symbols on the middle three reels (2 to 4). Get all three, and you will find yourself in the bonus round. You will have to click on various boxes, in the hope of finding the key that releases Houdini.


Though it doesn’t have the best design, Houdini is a slot that you will have plenty of fun with, not to mention a chance at a payout worth 10,000 times what you wagered on a single line. For more information on Houdini slot, check out